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Model # Description


Dynamo Charger with lithium battery and light

Cranking Power

  • Large Capacity
  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • Cranking Dynamo
  • Lighting
Can be used for Iphone, Moble, PSP, GPS, Camera, Ipod, Ipad


Battery type: Lithium-ion Battery

Circle life: after 500 cycles of charging the accumulator
keeps not less than 75% of capacity

Nominal input: DC 5.0V/ 1A

Nominal output: DC5.0V/ 1000mA (max)

Capacity: 5000 mah

Charging time: 8 hours

Standard Components: Uer manual, power bank USB
3-5mm Cable, built in touch built in dynamo-machine


It is best to not let the battery drain out before you try to charge it. It is recommend that you charge it once a month by AC. adapter. If it is too low, hand cranking may not charge it anymore.

weight 0.5875 lbs


8 LED Swivel Pocket Light


Output – 60 lumens Height – 6.375” Batteries – Three AAA Batteries (included)


The“LED Pocket Work Light” is the essential everything light. 8 powerful LEDs provide 60 lumens of bright white light.The rotating magnetic clip gives you convenient hands-free lighting by attaching to
virtually anything. The reinforced plastic body design is shock-proof and water-resistant, This Light basically indestructible. Perfect for padprinting your name or your customers. Ask for details


  • 8 LEDs output 60 lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life)
  • Rotating magnetic clip
  • Recessed LED housing
  • Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design

weight 0.235 lbs


Solar Flashlight

Always have light when you need it. No batteries required. This flashlight will hold the charge for days after the charge.






weight 1 lb


Ascella Emergency Light


Ascella 5-Watts 150 Lumens 3-in-1 LED Smart Bulb
No need to curse the darkness with this versatile bulb in your possession. Use it as a traditional flashlight when the power goes out. Insert it in a standard light-bulb socket and it functions as a long-lasting LED light bulb.
You can even set it to Emergency mode so it comes on automatically when the power goes out.

3-in-1 design
Three versatile functions in one
Use as a traditional flashlight to find your way in the dark
Use as a long-lasting standard light bulb powered by a light switch or lamp
Set to Emergency mode and light automatically turns on when power goes out using reverse polarity
Handle extends for comfortable use in flashlight mode

26 individual LEDs
Provide enough light to illuminate a room in an emergency situation
Equivalent to a 30-watt incandescent bulb

Draws only 5 watts of energy
Save money on your power bill

Lasts more than 18 years
Save money on replacement light bulbs and flashlight batteries



Weight 5 oz


Mini Solar Lantern

Need emergency lighting? No batteries available?

No Problem with this new product.
The “Mini Solar Lantern” - L66MINI

  • It can be powered by the Sun.
  • It has 6 super bright LED's
  • High and Low brightness
  • Emergency cell phone charger
  • Safe to use indoors or out
  • It can be used for lighting inside a tent,
  • Comes with hand cranking dynamo charger built-in
  • Has AC/DC input No batteries to replace.

The perfect solution for emergency lighting.
The "Mini Solar Lantern" is also a great green
powered product. Order yours while supplies last.

Weight 1 lbs


L66SLR Solar Dynamo Lantern


Dim’s 12 x 6 x 6


  • 16 White LED Lantern
  • 2 Amber LED Nightlight
  • Solar Charge
  • Dynamo Charge
  • 12 v Vehicle Charge
  • USB Charge
  • Charges 7 Different Ways

Solar Panel Gives 30 Hours of Use.

With AA Batteries (not included) 130 Hours of Use. Charge Time in Full Sunlight 3 hours.

Weight 2.0 lbs 10 oz


Waterproof Diving Flashlight


Three Watt LED Waterproof Diving Flashlight

140 Lumens

Neon Yellow Color

Waterproof up to 100 ft.

Genuine Cree Bulb

Takes 4 AA batteries

Stove Not Pictured


Weight 5.5 oz


Utility Flame


Three pack Utility Flame w/ Stove

Burns Hot up to 1358 degrees F

Will Burn at -23 degrees F

Burns at 10,000 ft.

Does not evaporate, freeze or melt


Water Soluble

Boils water easily

Stove Not Pictured


Weight 5.3 oz


Instant Fire


Three pack of Instant Fire.

Perfect substitute for wood and other fuel sources.

Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow.

Green – no harmful vapors.

Can be stored near food.

30 year shelf life


Weight 6.2 oz


Out of Sight Flashlight Hanger

Always know where your flashlight is during an emergency.

Easy to install -

No assembly required-

Hidden from view-

Holds any standard size last light.


weight 3.3oz


Multifunction 24 LED Light

This is a super bright 24 LED light with magnet backing and a collapsible hanger. Two functions / 1. 24 LED light 2. 3 LED flashlight. COMES WITH BATTERIES READY TO GO !!!! Size 4" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4"

weight 2 oz


The Guardian Clip on LED light (red)

Clips on almost anything (Dog Collar, Safety Vest, Backpack, Power Outages, Bicycle etc)- Visible over one mile - Battery Life (included) 100 to 250 hours. Light can be steady or adjusted to blink mode. Waterproof to 300 feet.






weight 2.3 oz


The Guardian Clip on LED light

Clips on almost anything (Safety Vest, Backpack, Power Outages, Bicycle etc)- Visible over one mile - Battery Life (included) 100 to 250 hours. Light can be steady or adjusted to blink mode. Waterproof to 300 feet.






weight 2.3 oz


4 LED Strobe Light 360 Degrees

Visible to 4 miles - Flashing Strobe - 125 Hours Burn Time - Waterproof to 33 ft. - 55-60 Flashes per Minute - Stainless Steel PFD Pin - Uses 1 "D" Battery (not included).







weight 4.5 oz


Roughneck LED Headlight

Roughneck LED Headlight - 80 Lumens Adjustable Light - Two Straps (Cloth and Rubber) - Magnetic back attaches to metal surface for hands free use. Takes 3 AAA Batteries (included). Rugged Body (7 foot drop test). Lifetime Warranty.






Weight 6oz


Mag Lite XL100

The most amazing LED flashlight. Simply turn your wrist to adjust the
brightness level of the flashlight. Five modes: Strobe, Nite Light, Signal,
SOS, Normal. 83 Lumens, 134m Visibility, Focus LED Beam. Lifetime Warranty.
Takes 3 AAA batteries (included)


weight 5.5oz



Mini MAGlite - Super Bright Xeon Lamp

Engineered for Brilliance - 14 Lumens, Includes Spare Bulb, Powerful
Focusing Beam, Lifetime Warranty, Includes two AA Batteries


weight 4.9oz


l77-020 2d LED maglite

MAGlite 2D LED Flashlight # L77-020

New Performance Enhanced LED Focusing Beam, Good at 298 Meters, 114
Lumens,Water Resistance, Lifetime Warranty.


weight 1lb

l77-249 2d maglite

MAGlite 2D Flashlight # L77-249

THE Professional Flashlight, Powerful Focusing Beam, 19 Lumens, Good at 229
Meters, Includes Spare Bulb in Tail Cap, Lifetime Warranty


weight 1lb


Mayday "Ready Light" Dynamo Flashlight

Discount for case of 200 This light will never let you down - It always works. Convenient wrist strap for easy carry. Perfect for glove box, night stand, and all emergency kits. Go Green - Give Batteries the Boot. weight 8 oz. Batteries come fully charged and will give hours of use.





weight 8 oz


Battery Free Dynamo 12 LED Lantern

12 Super bright white LED lights. Long life LED lasts 100,000 hours. Three
built-in lighting modes - 4 LED power (low) 8 LED power ( Medium) 12 LED
power (High). Fold out hanger in handle.

Weight 2.5 lbs


AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio w/Flashlight

Converts Free Solar Energy for rechargeable lantern, blinking light and AM/FM radio for indoor or outdoor use activity.  These units also have a hand generator when solar power is not available, or they can use 2 "AA" batteries.  Great for power failures - IT NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES - IT ALWAYS WORKS.  Both Units perform the same functions, the C/78F is more compact for tight storage situations.


Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets


  • Folds up into a compact unit for easy storage.
  • Fuel tablets burn without odor and ignite easily.
  • Opens to two cooking positions.
  • Made of durable plated steel.
  • 8 fuel tablets included.
  • Total weight: 8.5 oz.


Fuel Tablets

  • For use in solid fuel stoves, barbeques, and campfires.
  • Made for StanSport Fold-A-Stove (LH001).
  • Burns clean without odor and ignites easily.
  • 24 fuel tablets included.


Hand Warmers

VERY efficient and affordable hand warmers or body warmers! (Sold in pairs)


Fire Starter

No worry on having wet matches. Start your fire anytime anywhere. A perfect addition to any emergency kit. Gently shave a small quantity of magnesium into a small pile of grass, paper etc. Strike the magnesium rod with striker. The sparks will start the fire.


Waterproof Matches

Box of 45 (45 matches per box)

Great for camping, hiking, and outdoor survival.

Unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions. Match box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating.


Storm Matches - Wind & Waterproof

Extra long impregnated head that burns even in strong wind. Flame burns for approximately 10 seconds.






Weight 1oz


Slow Burning Emergency Candles

Pack of 5

Designed for use with most candle lanterns. Each candle burns approximately five hours when used in a lantern. Ideal for camping and emergencies.


The Survival Candle


    Lightweight and compact Burns up to 36 hours (With one wick lit) Burns up to 12 hours (With three wicks lit) Variable light (by the number of wicks lit)


120 Hour Candle

120 hour candle can be used for lighting, heating, or cooking.


Battery Converters

Battery Converters


Blinking Caution Light

  • 10 pieces per case.
  • Case weight 20 lbs.
  • Caution light/sensor-blink light.
  • Light sensor blink or fully bright.
  • Energy saving LED light bulbs.
  • Uses 2 - 6v Batteries (not included).

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