Model # Description


Solar Flashlight

Always have light when you need it. No batteries required. This flashlight will hold the charge for days after the charge.






weight 1 lb


L66SLR Solar Dynamo Lantern


Dimís 12 x 6 x 6


  • 16 White LED Lantern
  • 2 Amber LED Nightlight
  • Solar Charge
  • Dynamo Charge
  • 12 v Vehicle Charge
  • USB Charge
  • Charges 7 Different Ways

Solar Panel Gives 30 Hours of Use.

With AA Batteries (not included) 130 Hours of Use. Charge Time in Full Sunlight 3 hours.

Weight 2.0 lbs 10 oz

CO-L77- DS

Solar Dynamo 3 LED Flashlight

Limited Supply - This small (9 inch) light is a great value and a perfect fit for emergency kits, glove box, purse or night stand. Comes in Silver and Black. It always works !!


weight 3 oz

l55-dyn / l55-slr

L55-DYN Dynamo Powered Keychain Light


Always have a light. Never needs batteries. Two super bright LED's

weight 1 oz


L55-SLR Solar Powered Keychain Light


Powered by the sun, Three bright LED's will light your way

weight 1 oz


4 n 1 Dynamo Radio with Light

Three Super Bright White LED's, Hard Plastic Body, AM/FM Radio,Cell Phone Charger w/ cables, Emergency Siren.



weight 11 oz

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