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Weight 1 lbs

Model # Description


T222-BRA Camping Rope

Camping Rope- 3/8' x 50" Diamond Braid


weight 0.80 lb



T21-T T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool


  • - 440C Stainless steel half serrated blade
  • - 440C Stainless steel seatbelt cutter
  • - 5 lumens LED light (lithium batteries included)
  • - Spring loaded steel tip window punch
  • - Carry case Designed by a Paramedic and field tested in the EMS setting.

Weight 1 lbs


16 ounces of Diesel Gasoline Stabilizer

PRI-D is a super concentrate; 16 fl.oz treats 256 gallons,
is a complete fuel treatment that improves all diesel fuels
enabling them to perform to maximum potential. PRI-D
will stabilize biodiesel from B-5 to B-20. PRI-Ds industrial
strength, enhanced thermal stability chemistry reacts with
fuel upon contact, and provides multiple benefits: Engines
perform better and last longer Increased power and fuel
economy Fuel stays fresher longer Tanks and fuel lines
remain free of slime and sludge







weight 1 lbs



16 ounces of Gasoline Stabilizer

PRI-G is super concentrated; 16 FL OZ. treats 256 gallons,
and is a complete fuel treatment that improves any type of
gasoline, enabling it to perform to maximum potential. PRI-Gs
industrial strength, enhanced thermal stability chemistry reacts
with fuel upon contact, and provides multiple benefits: Engines
perform better and last longer Engine power increased and fuel
economy realized Fuel stays fresh months, even years Hesitation,
knocking, and pinging reduced Improved Engine Performance
PRI-G works chemically within all gasoline to improve the
combustion process. Improved combustion means improved
engine performance. You will realize increased power from
your engine. At the same time, you will enjoy greater fuel economy.
PRI-G reduces the hesitation, knocking, and pinging that
is common in gasoline engines. It is also extremely effective
at cutting harmful emissions. Smog tests are no longer a challenge.







weight 1 lbs



8 ounces of Gasoline Stabilizer

How PRI-G Stabilizes Fuel: The minute gasoline exits the pipeline from the refinery, it begins to age and deteriorate.
Depending on a variety of factors, the extent to which gasoline degrades is highly variable.
A key factor affecting gasoline stability is heat. When gas tanks are continually exposed to warmer temperatures,
gasoline degradation accelerates.
Gasoline can be expected to remain stable for 240 days under normal storage conditions.
Yet PRI-G treated gasoline extends the freshness to two years and more!

A must for all generators being stored in the case of emergency power out. The PRI-G keeps fuel fresh and ready to use.







weight 8.4 oz



Multi-tool with LED Flashlight

9 Superbright LED flashlight-

Also has one red flashing emergency light-

Eight piece built in tool set-

Takes three AAA batteries not included







weight 7.4oz


Mayday TGEN-1000

Portable Gasoline Generator



- Frequency - 60Hz
- Voltage (AC) - 120v
- Rated AC Power - 900W
- Max AC Power - 1000w
- AC Current - 120V/ 8 amps
- DC Output - 12V/ 8.3A
- Engine Speed - 3600 rpm
- Power Factor - 1.0 (cos )
- Starting Mode - Recoil Start
- Ignition Model - Transistor Zero Touch Point
- Dimensions (LXWXH) - 16" x 13" x 14"
- Gross Weight - 46 lbs

weight 46 lbs


Face Mask - Box of 50

- 50 3 ply masks with blue polypropylene spun bound outer layer
- Latex Free
- Low Breathing Resistance
- 99.5% plus particular filtration
- 97.5 plus bacterial filtration efficiency


Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Pair of Heavy Duty Work Gloves.


Leather Palm Work Gloves

Pair of Leather Palm Work Gloves.


Knee Pads

Pair of Knee Pads.


Folding Shovel

Shovel folds for easy storage and packing.


6-in-1 Folding Survival Shovel

It's a shovel, hatchet, hammer, saw, nail puller and a can opener! This must-have survival tool comes equipped with an easy push-button snap lock, ensuring quick tool changes while maintaining tool safety and strength. Saw stores securely in handle and extends this 15" shovel to an 18" saw. Excellent for camping, home and auto. This tool comes with a convenient, canvas carrying sheath with belt loops.


Flat or Round Point Yard Clean-up Shovel

A yard clean-up shovel with a flat or round point.


Folding Snow Shovel

Easy Storage Three Piece Auto Snow Shovel. 37" When Assembled - Chrome


Weight 2 lbs


Duct tape (10 Yards)

10 Yards of Duct tape.


Duct tape (60 Yards)

60 Yards of Duct tape.


Electrical Tape 3/4 x 60 UL


T11-HD Hurricane Tape 60 yds.

There is nothing stronger or tougher!
Up to 100 times stronger than other tapes.
To cut you must use a knife or scissors.
1.89 x 60 yds. Heavy Duty Repairs,
Long Term Repairs, Tear Resistance,
Water and Mold Resistance.

weight 1 lb


Survival Knife

Six inch polished steel sawteeth blade. Bottle opener on back edge. Can be used as a signal mirror. High impact ABS hollow handle contains the following essentials: matches with striking pad, wire ring saw, fish hooks and leads, nylon line for fishing and needles. Watertight screw on cap with liquid filled compass. Sheath with sharpening stone. Belt loop and leg strap on sheath.


Utility Knife

All purpose utility knife (Also known as a "Box Cutter").


14-in-1 Pocket Tool


3 Pack Bungies

12'', 18'', 24''


Pry Bar (15")

This 15" (T23) & Pry Bar is indespendable. A Great pry tools for tight spots



T23 weight 1.5 lbs


Pry Bar (24")

This 24" (T24) Pry Bar is indespendable. A Great pry tools for tight spots.



T24 weight 3.5 lbs


Wrecking Bar (30")

This 30" (T24A) & Wrecking Bar is indespendable. A Great pry tools for tight spots



T24A weight 4 lbs


Wrecking Bar (36")

This 36" (T24C) Wrecking Bar is indespendable. A Great pry tools for tight spots



T24C weight 4.5 lbs


Steel Pulley Hoist (220 lbs.)


Camp Axe w/Rubber Handle


Fireman's Axe (6 lb.)

This heavy duty 6 lb. Fireman's Axe is made in the U.S.


Bow Camp Saw (18")


Bottle Jack (8 Ton)

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